Water Engineering

Our consultancy has extensive experience in environmental projects, such as water and wastewater treatment plants.

One significant project we participated is the Larnaca Sewerage and Drainage Scheme, which was carried out in collaboration with Howard Humphreys (UK). We participated in the design of the pipelines, the pumping stations, and the wastewater treatment reservoir. In the construction phase we undertook the inspection of the works, and the delivery quality check.

Signature projects are the Arminou Dam and the Kannaviou Dam of the Paphos Water Supply framework, undertaken in collaboration with Howard Humphreys (UK). Our consultancy undertook the structural design of both dams. In the same framework we designed the permanent works of the Asprokremmos Water Treatment Plant.

We also participated in various water distribution system studies. One such study is for the village of Aradippou, in collaboration with NAMA Consulting Engineers (Greece), in which we acquired data of the water distribution system that were subsequently used in the system analysis. We also designed the new water tanks and participated in the design of the pipeline extension.