Geotechnical Engineering

Our consultancy has extensive experience in the design of foundations. Normally, for building designs we also carry out the design of the foundations. Shallow strip foundations are adopted for low-rise buildings on good ground, however if the ground is problematic, we adopt raft or deep foundation solutions. For example, in the design of the University of Cyprus building of Applied Sciences and Technology we adopted pile foundations to prevent the differential settlement due to the expansive clay, and in the Georgiadou Building we adopted a mat foundation that was analysed using a finite element model for the differential settlement forces. A very interesting project is the Pafilia Domus residences, which is located on a river embankment; a raft foundation was adopted, partially supported on piles.

We also have capability for designing retaining structures, as part of either the permanent or the temporary works, such as gravity, and embedded retaining walls. Our project experience also includes designs of underground structures, such as basements, and pumping stations.

Our consultancy has experience in site appraisal studies, and planning and management of soil investigations. We also characterise the ground type for the determination of the earthquake site response.

As keen users of engineering software, we have at our disposal tools such as Wallap, DeepEx, and Plaxis.

All our designs are carried out in accordance to Eurocode 7.